Artists’ Archives Mini-Workshops

The Visual Resources Library of the Department of Art and Art History at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will be conducting a series of short Artists’ Archives workshops on focused topics for the Spring 2019 semester. If you are a member of the UNC community who is an artist, art historian, archivist, librarian, or just art-interested, these one-hour sessions will introduce you to concepts and tools for managing the many materials, records, documents, images, and files–physical and digital–that you acquire and keep as part of working with art or making art. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by large quantities of “stuff,” you can begin to use these materials as resources for your professional advancement: for artists, you can increase your productivity, make your work more accessible to others, retain your rights to your work and its reproductions, and increase your visibility in your community of practice; for archivists and scholars, you can increase critical access to these materials that support and inspire new works and create sustainable relationships with the makers in your community. Each mini-workshop is intended to model a practice of establishing ongoing goals for managing your archives that are SMART: Specific, Manageable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-based.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of space restrictions, each workshop can have a maximum of 20 participants. Below each workshop listing is a registration form to sign up for a spot. We will keep a waitlist and there is an option to sign on to the waitlist for a given workshop at the bottom of the page. Similar workshops on new topics will be offered in the Fall 2019 semester.

All workshops will be held on a Friday from 3-4 pm in the Visual Resources Library, Hanes Art Center, Room 214, UNC-Chapel Hill, 115 South Columbia Street, Chapel Hill, NC, 27599.

Workshop V January 25, 2019
Archiving Installation, Performance and New Media Works: Installation, performance and new media art is not a single object, but an interaction of many complex parts. The artwork often lies in the viewer’s experience of the piece. The archival record of these works must also be dynamic and interactive. Learn how to utilize interviews, photographs, video and more to accurately portray and preserve your ephemeral artworks.

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Workshop VI February 22, 2019
Archiving Email and Social Media: Emails, websites, and social media accounts are rich sources of information and can be valuable additions to your personal or artistic archive. In this workshop we will cover the basics of identifying what you have, deciding what is worth preserving, exporting your emails/websites/social media accounts into archivable formats, and managing your saved information over time.

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Workshop VII March 22, 2019

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Workshop VIII April 12, 2019
Optimizing Your Archive: Now that you’ve documented, organized, inventoried, digitized and preserved your artistic practice, what can you do with your newly created archive? Grant writing, exhibition planning, and marketing are all modes of storytelling. A well-kept studio archive will allow you to populate those stories.

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