Session Proposals

Proposal 1: Creating Your Own Artists’ Archives Workshops/Series

Jessie de la Cruz,

Proposal 2: Legacy & Finished Works Accumulated

Nancy Whittington,

Description: How artists might store, or disperse an accumulation of finished art works made over a long career.

Proposal 3: Preserving Artists’ Digital Archives

Colin Post,

Description: This session will discuss problems and strategies for ensuring the long-term preservation of artists’ digital archival materials. As artists increasingly use digital technologies in all facets of their professional practice–from hosting their own website to using software to create art–digital materials are a central component of artists’ personal archives. Unlike paper-based materials, though, digital materials may require preservation attention soon after the point of creation. This session will discuss how institutions can approach these issues and develop new strategies for working with artists to collect, protect, and preserve digital content.

Proposal 4: Plato’s Digital Art

Sarah Prescott,

Description: I recently learned one way to preserve some aspects of physical media digitally using approved manufacturer Photoshop palettes to retain color data as accurately as possible. I will share this method of preserving color information for Copic marker work, and I want to know any similar modes for storing data about artwork that will help inform the “Truth” of artwork as it ages.

Proposal 5: Oral Histories as Archival Objects

Erin Dickey,

Description: This session will explore processes of collecting and accessioning artists’ oral histories in institutional archives, as well as how and why oral histories might be including as documents within artists’ studio archives. This session will also include time for participants to critically interrogate the documentary functions of oral histories.

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